New library system ALMA


The changeover to the nationally uniform library management system ALMA is planned for August 2022. Regular operation in the new system environment should begin as soon as possible on 1st of August. However, not all processes can be started at the same time on this date - also because we are dependent on partners outside RWTH, for example the University Library Centre (hbz). Therefore, interlibrary loans can only start a week later. The table below provides an overview of the scheduling.

At the same time as the ALMA conversion, the previous KatalogPlus will be converted to the new Discovery Primo VE.

The link resolver SFX is integrated in ALMA and will then be gradually removed from the links. However, this process may take a little longer.


Cancellation of reservations
As of this date, it will no longer be possible to reserve media from all RWTH libraries.

8.6.2022 (during the day) to 31.7.2022
Closing times interlibrary loan - monographs
Here we are dependent on the hbz, which operates the Central Interlibrary Loan Server. Interlibrary loan requests will not be possible. However, returns can be made (receipt block from 25.7.2022 to 31.7.2022).
10.6.2022 to 7.8.2022
Closing times Interlibrary Loan - Essays
This period is significantly shorter because no return of the media is required.
18.7.2022 to 31.7.2022
Closing times for loans
During this time it will not be possible to order or borrow items from the library. Returns can be made (receipt block). There are no plans to close the library building.
25.7.2022 to 31.7.2022

We will remind you of the respective dates shortly before the changes.