Web of Science and Scopus/SciVal

Web of Science Scopus
More than 20,000 journals More than 36,000 journals
1.4 million Cited References
going back to 1900
1.4 million Cited References
going back to 1970

Open Access: More than 5,000 Open Access journals are
evaluated in the database

Open Access: More than 3,600 Open Access journals are evaluated in the database

Publications from 1900 onwards are evaluated

Publications from 1788 onwards are evaluated

Article citations (references and citations) from publication year 1996 onwards

Differentiated subject collections

No differentiated collections

Standardized indexing of institution names in the Core Collection:
All name variants like RWTH Aachen, Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule or TU Aachen are merged (Organization Enhanced) in the Core Collection.

No standardized indexing of institution names


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Web of Science (Provider: Clarivate Analytics)

The Web of Science (formerly ISI, Web of Knowledge) is a multidisciplinary database that lists scientific publications with their citations. The content focus is on natural sciences and technology. Journals from the Anglo-American area are predominantly evaluated. The Master Journal List shows the title coverage of the WoS as well as the evaluated time period.

Web of Science enables parallel and interdisciplinary research in a comprehensive database offering under one search interface (CrossSearch). The following collections are licensed for the RWTH:

Web of Science Core Collection Indexes

Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-Expanded) (1900 -)

Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) (1900 -)

Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) (1975 -)

Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science (CPCI-S) (1990 -)

Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (CPCI-SSH) (1990 -)

Book Citation Index - Science (BKCI-S) (2005 -)

Book Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (BKCI-SSH) (2005 -)

Current Chemical Reactions (CCR-Expanded) (1985 -)

Index Chemicus (IC) (1993 -)

BIOSIS Previews (1926 -): Journals, patents and conference proceedings in biomedicine

MEDLINE (1950 -)

Russian Science Citation Index (2005 - )

SciELO Citation Index (1997 - )

Journal Citation Reports

In the Core Collection, publications are fully indexed back to 1900 in terms of authors, institutional affiliation and citations.

In addition to that, the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) with information on the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) are accessible.


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Scopus/SciVal (Provider: Elsevier)

Scopus is a multidisciplinary citation database for research literature. It focuses on the natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and health sciences, as well as social sciences, arts, and humanities.

The Source Title List shows the title coverage of Scopus as well as the time period evaluated.

SciVal (https://www.scival.com/home – a personal login is required additionally) uses Scopus data from 1996 to present. SciVal receives a weekly update of new data from Scopus and due to processing times this means SciVal is typically two weeks behind Scopus.

To visualize research performance, benchmark relative to other institutions, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyse research trends: SciVal provides access to publication data from research institutions worldwide. For example, it can be used to find out how often an institution publishes in collaboration with industrial partners or with which institutions the scientists at RWTH Aachen University most frequently co-publish.

Since January 2019, RWTH Aachen University has made the Scopus and SciVal available campus-wide.