Video "The University Library in the RWTHApp" available

  Screenshot Unibib RWTHApp

The University Library is also available in the RWTHApp. The current video presents the Unibib functions of the RWTHApp. It shows where the free app is available and how to create favourites. In addition, important menu items such as "Learning rooms" and "Direct feedback" are explained.

Via the "University Library" area in the app, it is possible to log into the library account and view loans, orders and fees. Under "My loans" you can extend the loan periods of the media. Below the media, you can see whether there are any media that can currently be renewed.

The links to the University Library website, to the KatalogPlus and to the news are available. The German speaking video is available here:

Please note: The RWTHApp is updated regularly, so the views and functions may change.