Entering Master Theses


This quick guide describes how to proof master theses in RWTH Publications.


Preliminary note

Bachelor's and Master's theses are not subject to mandatory publication. They can, however, be indexed in RWTH Publications with the metadata as well as entered and published in full text according to the Open Access model.




The publication of a thesis is a condition for its entry in RWTH Publications. This is the case if the thesis is listed in a library catalogue (KatalogPlus or institute catalogue). It should be noted that a published thesis must be accessible to everyone, this also applies within locked institute offices or similar, provided that access can be made possible in principle.



Master Thesis
  1. Fill out the online form in RWTH Publications.
  2. If you want to publish an abstract, we need an Author's Agreement. The Author's Agreement is displayed at the end of the form. With the Author's Agreement you transfer the simple right of use to the library to distribute your abstract on the internet.
    Note: We accept Author's Agreement in written form (printed and signed in original) or in electronic form. Author's Agreement in electronic form must be signed either with a qualified electronic signature or with an advanced electronic signature created with a certificate from DFN-PKI (see instructions). Please note that for legal reasons we are not allowed to accept Author's Agreement with only a simple electronic signature or a scanned signature.
    Please send the completed and signed Author's Agreement to the Department Services for Scientific Publishing.

    Services zum wissenschaftlichen Publizieren
    Templergraben 61
    52062 Aachen

  3. An informal written confirmation of the accessibility of the work is required. This can be issued, for example, by the examiner, his or her secretary or the staff of the institute library.

For quality assurance purposes, the UB also requires the title page of the work. This can either be uploaded at the end of the form or sent to the Scientific Publishing Services department () with the subject "Titelseite Abschlussarbeit".