Basic Search


In addition to this brief description there is an E-Tutorial: Scopus - Einfache Suche


Contents of the brief description

The following brief description explains how to perform a basic search in the database of Scopus.


Search for articles on a specific topic

Screenhot start page Scopus simple search smart cancer nanomedicine


You can use „smart cancer nanomedicine“ as an example for the basic search. Typing the terms gets you documents, which contain the terms in the title, in the abstract or in the keywords.

  Screenshot Scopus search phrase smart "cancer nanomedicine"


To search for the exact phrase use quotation marks.

  Screenshot Scopus Simple Search truncation


A truncation can help to simplify the search. An asterisks (*) wildcard character replaces any number of symbol and covers therefore e. g. different endings of a word.


Refining the search

Screenshot Scopus Expansion of the search


An expansion of the search is achieved by opening an additional search field with „Add search field“ and choosing the boolean operator „or“.


Search Tips

Screenshot Scopus Search Tips


Further information for structured search queries can be found by following the link „Search tips“ offered by Elsevier.


Modification of the search parameters

Screenshot Scopus Modification of search parameters


The default parameters of the search can be modified in various ways, for example by the field to be searched, the boolean operators or date range options.


Search results

Scopus Screenshot search results


Search results of the last search query about smart
“cancer nanomed *” combined with
smart “cancer
nanobiol *”.
The number of results is shown on the top left and the individual articles are listed in short form.




Screenshot Scopus Sorting search results


To sort in a different order you can use the drop-down menu on the upper right. By default, the results are sorted by date.


Refine search results

Screenshot Scopus Refine search results


To refine the results you can choose different facets using the menu on the left. For each of the facets, you can select the corresponding arrow. The button „limit to“ will limit the search results to the chosen attributes, whereas „exclude“ will exclude them from the results, which correlates with an And-Not-Connection.


Limitation of the search question to years and an exclusion of certain subject areas

Screenshot Scopus Exclusion of Subject Areas 1


To get a list of 10 subject areas, select the option “View more”.

  Screenshot Scopus Exclusion of Subject Areas 2


If more than 10 are available, they can be presented in a separate window through “View all”. For further use it is possible to select any number and therefore refine the query.


Edit search question

Screenshot Scopus Edit Search String


At the top of the page, the search string shows all the modifications made to the search. By using the button "edit" the search string can be changed , e. g. by cancelling previous filtering .