Study Spaces

  Study Space Copyright: © Bernd Stuhlmann

The University Library provides study and work spaces for private or group work in both the Central Library and Library 2. Generous opening hours, wifi access, computer lab, scanners, and long-term lockers ensure comfortable working conditions.

Opening Hours


Rules for the use of the learning rooms

What are the basic rules?

  • Drinks are only allowed in firmly lockable containers.

  • Reserving seats for oneself and others is not permitted.

  • Eating in the study rooms is not permitted.

  • Telephone calls are prohibited in the study rooms.


Using the Library Study Space

Please use the lockers in the entrance area to store jackets and bags. You can bring your study materials into the Library with you using the blue baskets provided.

Please feel free to bring transparent, re-sealable water bottles with you into the study spaces.

Would you like to take a short break? No problem! Simply place a ‘Break’ sign on your desk and your place will be reserved for up to one hour.

If you wish to work without interruption or distractions, you can also purchase ear plugs for 1 EUR


Main Library

  • First Floor: Studying and Working I
    Study desks equipped with power sockets,
    7 computers with internet access, Microsoft Office software, and various development environments such as MS Visual C++, image editing and graphics processing software
    RWTH PC-Lab-Login
  • Second Floor: Studying and Working II
    Quiet study area

    Long-term lockers: The Information Center lends long-term lockers in the learning rooms of the University Library to store learning materials and documents. The long-term lockers can be borrowed for 8 weeks in the Information Center (2nd floor) between 8.30 am and 4 pm from monday through friday. Instructions on how to use permanent lockers can be found here. If all permanent lockers are occupied, they can be pre-booked via the KatalogPlus.

Library 2

Studying and Working

  • First Floor
    • 1 group study room, desk equipped with power sockets
    • Individual study spaces for the School of Business and Economics
  • Second Floor
    - Individual study spaces
  • Fourth Floor
    - 1 group study room, desk equipped with power sockets
    - 1 group study room, not equipped with power sockets, movable desk
    - Individual study spaces