Citrix ICA-Client


Installation Information Message: "ICA-Datei nicht gefunden" Inquiry "ICA-Client Datensicherheit" or "ICA-Client File Security" after starting the database Printing

The University Library offers some databases and electronic media (via the terminal server), which are not offered in a internet-compatible version from the manufacturer and thus can only be used in the PC workplace, if Citrix ICA-Client (= Citrix Receiver) terminal software is installed.

Citrix ICA-Client is offered as a free download for different operating systems.


Installation Information

Download Citrix ICA-Client from the website Click on "Find Citrix for other platforms" for other operating systems or for a mobile version.

Save your file in a directory of your choosing (e.g. c:\temp) on your harddrive. Activate the installation with a mouse click. You may need to restart your browser after the installation has successfully completed.


"ICA-Datei nicht gefunden" Message

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, this error message may be due to your browser settings.

Check in the menu under "Extras/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Files/Settings" and change the size of the cache memory to a value between 10 and 50 MByte. When Internet Explorer is installed, a procentual portion of the available harddisk storage is made available for the memory. If this is too large, this file is searched for during a connection via ICA and not found quickly enough, which can then lead to the error message above.

Furthermore, you should check, whether under "Extras / Internetoptionen / Erweitert / Sicherheit" (marked with a yellow padlock) there is a checkmark next to "Verschlüsselte Seiten nicht auf Festplatte speichern." Remove the checkmark and restart your browser.


Inquiry: "ICA-Client Datensicherheit" or "ICA-Client File Security" After Starting the Database

Directly after starting the database, there is an inquiry from the server:

  • Kein Zugriff / No Access:
    No access to local drives and thus downloads to this drives is not possible (neither to a disc nor to a harddrive). Only the drives of the server in the library (V,W,X,Y) are offered.
  • Lesezugriff / Read Access:
    Access to local drives, but only with reading rights, meaning downloads to these drives are not possible.
  • Voller Zugriff / Full Access:
    Access to the local drive with writing writes; download is possible. Here the server tries to connect your PCs local drives (A, B, C, D) to the appliccation in order to enable downloading to these drives.

The local printers are connected to the application in every case. This inquiry appears in some databases only once you select the "save" option.

The server's default setting is "Kein Zugriff / No Access".
Please click on "Voller Zugriff / Full Access", if you want to save or print your search results!



All the databases offer you a printing function, if ou have clicked on "Voller Zugriff / Full Access" in the ICA-Client File Security window when starting the database.

Your local printer automatically becomes your standard printer - assuming the respective printer driver is installed on the server.

To print, click on the corresponding symbol or select the print option in the menu bar.