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Publishing your dissertation is a requirement at RWTH Aachen University. The number of copies you need to submit will depend upon the doctoral degree regulations and the form of publication. You can publish your dissertation online or in printed form, both of which can also be published by a publishing house. Once your dissertation has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, which you will need to hand in at the Office for Doctoral Studies.


The following applies to both publication options:

  1. The specifications of the faculty (doctoral regulations) are authoritative for the form, content, and design of dissertations and postdoctoral theses.
  2. The library accepts any stable type of binding, with the exception of ring and spiral binding as well as wire or staple binding. No material susceptible to corrosion may be used (e.g., metal in the binding).
  3. The dissertation may also be published through a publishing house.
  4. Check out the instructions and process for your desired form of publication on the appropriate websites (Print Publication; Online Publication) and download the respective checklist.
  5. If you wish to publish the full text or an abstract, we require an Author's Agreement. With the Author's Agreement you transfer the simple right of use to the library to distribute your text on the internet.
  6. With the submission of your dissertation you will receive a receipt, which you hand in at the Deans Office.
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