If you would like to publish a journal yourself or are involved in the publication of a journal, you will find assistance on this page:

1. DiPP Services

DiPP (Digital Peer Publishing) offers technical, legal, and organizational assistance for scholarly publications - from the simple registration and dissemination of scholarly information to a multimedia e-journal with a peer review process.

2. Handbook

Martin Paul Eve, professor at the Birkbeck College University of London (BBK), has created the following handbook for founding and publishing an open access journal: Starting an Open Access Journal: a step-by-step guide.

3. Open Access Information Portal

The open-access information portal also offers information for publishers of professional journals.

4. Open Journal Systems

Open Journal Systems is a open source software used around the world. It helps you manage and publish peer reviewed open access journals. The software is intuitive to use and allows you to publish your own journal with little effort. The layout and editing process can be personalized.


  • Independent of a platform
  • Simple installation
  • Highest adaptability through a well-defined plug in API
  • Depiction of the entire publication process
  • Different role and rights management (e.g. author, journal manager, editor, copy editor, etc.)
  • User friendly standard workflows
  • Administration of multiple journal titles is easy


How can I create a business plan for my open access journal?

You can find an overview of all popular business models on the webpages of the information portal.

Can my journal be indexed in the Web of Science database?

Clarivate Analytics, publisher of the database Web of Science (formerly ISI), publishes the criteria and process for the selection of journals on its website. Open Access journals can principally be accepted.

How do I get an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for my journal?

ISSNs are assigned via national centers. The center for Germany is located at the German National Library (DNB), where you can obtain detailed information.