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140 years PNZ at RWTH Aachen University

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First mention in the Patent Register

The Imperial Patent Office offered the patent specifications exclusively to the university "for the benefit of research and teaching in the natural sciences and technology". The patent document collection was housed in the book stacks of the university library in Wüllnerstraße. Consultation took place in the library's reading room.

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The size of the patent document collections requires enlargement of the permises. The patent issuing office moves as an independent unit to Jägerstraße 17-19.

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Member of the Association of German Patent Information Centers ARGE PIZ (today: PIZnet). During this time, the Patent Issuing Office (PAS) was renamed the Patent Information Center (PIZ).

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PIZ Aachen becomes official cooperation partner of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

  Postcard 125 years PNZ


125th anniversary of the PIZ with an at the IHK Aachen

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The PIZ Aachen becomes the receiving office of the DPMA and sets up a 24/7 deadline mailbox.

  Signo Logo and commemorative game


Introduction of the search standard developed by the Working Group of German Patent Information Centers, PIZnet, together with the Signo Network.

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The PIZ Aachen merges with the standards display center of the university library to form the Patent and Standards Center, PNZ.

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PNZ commercial being shot.

  Celebration Party WIP Day 2016


PNZ signs a cooperation agreement with the regional business development agency AGIT mbH to further intensify their collaboration within the framework of a strategic partnership.

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The PNZ team is engaged as experts in the consultant network of the start-up region AC2 as well as in the IP-Pre-Diagnosis consulting of the EU funding programs IPA4SME & IP Scan SME Funds and Horizon 2020 IP Scan.

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As an official member of the PATLIB network of the European Patent Office (EPO), we are establishing ourselves as a Level 2 center as part of the PATLIB 2.0 project.

  Picture Postcard 140 years PNZ


The PNZ celebrates its 140th anniversary.