Professional Property Right Searches


Professional protection of intellectual property is necessary to exploit ideas from research and development. This includes complex searches in industrial property rights (patents, trademarks and design)!

With a professional industrial property right search...

1. you secure your research activities!

With novelty searches you avoid duplicate developments and ensure that your invention is really new - only then can it be patented. International research applications (for example Horizon 2020) now require state-of-the-art research!
At the beginning of a new project, also search the patent literature!

2. legal disputes can be avoided!

Make sure that you do not manufacture or distribute products that are protected.
Register promptly after the search.
Reveal infringements of your own products/developments in time! Begin monitoring as soon as possible after the property rights have been granted.

3. you will receive further information!

Follow current technology trends and identify market players. You will also find cooperation partners or licensees.
Observe the market activities of your competitors and find documents in understandable languages.
Find out whether an intellectual property right is still in force or whether an objection has been filed against it.

4. use existing ideas!

90% of the documents are "free" state of the art - you have access to the copyright-free full texts.


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