Assisted Research Services on site



Please arrange an appointment for the reasearch via phone +49 241 80-94480 with us.


At the PNZ, we provide you with access to selected licensed databases which enable you to perform independent searches on site. Our experienced and competent specialists are on hand to offer any assistance you may need.

We discuss search strategies with you and provide you with an introduction into the search options available to you through the various databases. This enables you to have direct influence on your research into the current state of the art.


Databases in the PNZ

Commercial databases offer convenient search options and special features in contrast to the freely available search offers.

No knowledge of search languages is necessary, large numbers of hits can be quickly viewed and a convenient selection can be made for further processing.

In addition to analysis options of the hit lists (applicant, technology area, time, etc.), the commercial databases offer, among other things, working with the search history, setting up search profiles and automatic search queries.

At the PNZ we have the following databases, among others, ready for you:


Patents, Utility Models

Orbit Copyright: © Questel

Orbit: The Orbit database is a professional patent and utility model database from Questel. It is updated daily, 54 million patent families and well over 100 million patents and utility models can be searched. It offers many features to perform a professional prior art or novelty search.

  PatSnap Copyright: © PatSnap

PatSnap: The PatSnap database is a professional patent database. It is a platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning that connects millions of innovation and IP data points across industries, providing a convenient search environment.


Trade Marks / Design

Cedelex Logo Copyright: © SMD

Cedelex: The database Cedelex is a professional trademark and design database with German, European and international trademarks and designs. It contains very good search options for similarity and design searches. The results can be individually sorted, displayed and output.