Update Initiative E-Books.NRW


Over 70.000 e-books from the Taylor & Francis publishing group are now available.

As part of the ebooks.NRW initiative, a deal was reached with Taylor & Francis (currently over 72,000 titles).

The activation includes all titles of the years 2011 to 2022 and for 2023 and 2024 then in each case the new publications. After completion of a test phase, the most frequently used titles are purchased permanently. The license also includes the titles from CRC-Press that are relevant to engineering.

The books can already be found in KatalogPlus.

More information on the E-Books.NRW initiative is available here: https://www.land.nrw/de/pressemitteilung/hochschulbibliotheken-landesregierung-stellt-40-millionen-euro-fuer-e-book-lizenzen