Publishing Master Theses


This quick guide describes how to publish the full text of master theses in RWTH Publications.


Preliminary note

Bachelor's and Master's theses are not subject to mandatory publication. However, they can be referenced in RWTH Publications both with the Entering Master Thesis and published in full text according to the open access model.


Prerequisite for the publication of a thesis on RWTH Publications is the approval of the institute management. Any contractual conditions regarding non-disclosure agreements, e.g. with industrial partners, which legally exclude provision in RWTH Publications must also be observed.

The advantages of online publication are:

  • The full text is visible and searchable worldwide. A stable and permanent addressing is guaranteed by a DOI assignment. Thus, the publication can be reliably cited.
  • The publication channels are fast.
  • The publication of your master thesis via the document server RWTH Publications is handled by the university library, whereby only the simple right of use is transferred to the University Library.
  • Studies show that Open Access publications are read more often. They can therefore also be cited more often.

Requirements to the PDF file



  1. Fill out the online form in RWTH Publications.
  2. Upload your work in PDF format.
  3. The Author's Agreement will be displayed at the end of the form. With the Author's Agreement, you transfer to the library the simple right of use to distribute your work on the Internet.
    Note: We accept Author's Agreement in written form (printed and signed in original) or in electronic form. Author's Agreement in electronic form must be signed either with a qualified electronic signature or with an advanced electronic signature created with a certificate from DFN-PKI (see Anleitung). Please note that for legal reasons we are not allowed to accept Author's Agreement with only a simple electronic signature or a scanned signature.
    Please send the completed and signed Author's Agreement to the Department Abteilung Services zum wissenschaftlichen Publizieren.

    Services zum wissenschaftlichen Publizieren
    Templergraben 61
    52062 Aachen

  4. Send us an e-mail with the consent of your institute director or a person appointed by him/her to publish the paper.