Pre-naming of the DOI


To name a DOI ( Digital Object Identifier ), create your record and save it temporarily by clicking on "Postpone". By "Postpone" no transmission of the record to the UB takes place yet, so changes can still be made to it.

After a few seconds (max. 30 seconds) the detailed view of your entered record will open. In addition, you will receive a system mail at the same time and can open the record via the link provided there.


The DOIs of documents published on RWTH Publications always consist of the prefix "10.18154/" and an individual ID number associated with the respective record. This ID always starts with "RWTH" and is the top ID number in the record on the right under the item "Internal ID number", such as "RWTH-2022-01404". The DOI for this example is therefore 10.18154/RWTH-2022-01404.


Insert the DOI named in this way before into your PDF file, preferably into the masthead. The DOI should be designed as active as possible in the PDF file. The associated link is formed by the prefix "" and the associated DOI, such as

Attention: The link does not resolve at this stage, as it is only a preliminary designation of the DOI. The actual registration with the DOI registration agency DataCite does not take place until the full text is published by the OA team. Therefore, do not enter the pre-named DOI in the dataset you have already created.