Creating PDFs with Word


Creating a table of contents and embedding fonts in Microsoft Word

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Select the desired heading and assign it to an appropriate style sheet:
"Heading 1",
"Heading 2"
and others.


Save as


Via "Speichern unter" you can select "PDF" as file type and via the "Optionen" window a check mark is set at the option "Textmarken erstellen mithilfe von: Überschriften".

Important: A check mark should be set at "ISO-19005-1 compatible (PDF/A)" to prevent problems with embedded fonts.

  Table of contents

Bookmark bar in PDF document.


PDF Maker plug-in (Adobe Acrobat Pro required)


Using the PDF Maker plug-in of Adobe Acrobat Pro, a PDF file can be created directly from Microsoft Word using the "Als Adobe PDF speichern" button, which automatically takes over the table of contents.