SciVal analysis tool from the company Elsevier

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SciVal is a web-based analytics solution that provides access to research performance information for more than 20,000 institutions and their associated researchers.


SciVal aggregates publication-, citation- and usage-data (from Scopus), grants and patent citation. A big amount of data can be viewed, analyzed and issued as diagrams or tables really quick. Metrics and indicators are applicable for a variety of pre- and user-defined entities.
Please note that the indexing period of the data from Scopus to Scival is up to 14 days, which means that the results can differ from one platform to the other.

Access and Login

The access to SciVal is provided by the database Scopus of the company Elsevier.
The usage of SciVal is only possible via a personal login that transmits data like name, e-mail adress and affiliation to institutions to the provider of the database.
The RWTH Aachen University acquired a license which allows access to the 4 modules "Overview", "Benchmarking", "Collaboration" and "Trends". The last option displayed on this surface, "Reporting", can be used out of the other 4 modules.