Export and download of search results


In addition to this brief description there is an E-Tutorial: Scopus - Herunterladen und Exportieren von Suchergebnissen


Contents of the brief description

The following brief description explains how bibliographic records can be exported and how complete texts and abstracts can be downloaded.


Search for articles on a specific topic

Screenhot Scopus search "cancer nanomedicine"

The used example for the search is "cancer nanomedicine".
Typing the terms in quotation marks gets you documents, which contain the terms in the title, in the abstract or in the keywords.

  Screenshot Scopus Sorting search results

It possibly makes sense to sort the hits by relevance.



Screenshot Scopus Export

The search results are shown and can be marked and exported for further usage. For this, there is an "Export"-button located above the search results.


Export Document settings

Screenshot Scopus Export document settings

A dialog window pops up, where you can choose between Mendeley, ExLibris RefWorks or another file format for reference management. RIS has a good compatibility with EndNote, Citavi, Zotero, Reference Manager and Procite. For the export into Excel choose CSV.
Some of those export options are limited, for example in regards to the amount of exported data sets. Appropriate information is preserved by the question mark next to "Export document settings".


Login and Export settings

Screenshot Scopus Login

Export settings can be saved and used automatically for each export of data sets. But this is only possible, if you are logged in with your personal data.

  Screenshot Scopus Login Information

By clicking the round button with your initials, the link "Export and reference management settings" gives you the opportunity to save desired settings for future sessions.

  Screenshot Scopus Export settings


Screenshot Scopus Download

Marked hits can be read offline in "Downloads". For this option, download the add-on for the Scopus Document Download Manager. This add-on is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge (Chromium).

  Screenshot Scopus Download-Manager

If necessary, further information is again given via the question mark.

  Screenshot Scopus Download Search Results

Depending on the licensing of your institution, complete texts and abstracts of the publication data can be safed to the download folder of the browser.

  Screenshot Scopus Download Results


Screenshot Scopus Create Bibliography

To create a bibliography of the selected publications, you need to click onto the three dots above the results and choose the option "Create bibliography".

  Screenshot Scopus Create Bibliography

You can choose the favored citation style and confirm afterwards with "Create bibliography".

  Screenshot Scopus Output download

The bibliography opens up in a separate window and can be printed, saved or sent via E-Mail.