Analysis of search results


In addition to this brief description there is an E-Tutorial: Scopus - Analyse von Suchresultaten


Contents of the brief description


The following brief description explains on which aspects the search results can be analyzed and represented graphically.



Analyze search results

Screenshot Scopus Analyze search results


The button "Analyze search results" leads you to the analysis of the search results.

  Screenshot Scopus graphical analyze search results


The recieved documents can be analyzed regarding the years of publication, sources, authors, affiliation, countries or regions, document types, subject areas and funding sponsors.



Documents by year

Screenshot Scopus Documents by year


The timeline of the found documents shows that the publications concerning this topic increased significantly during the last few years. Depending on the requirements it may be helpful to let the representation begin at 2015. For that, a drop-down menu can be opened above the presented graph and a new analysis can be started via "Analyze".


Documents per year by source

Screenshot Scopus Documents per year by source


Journals with the most frequently published articles concerning the topic "cancer nanomedicine" since 2015, can be analyzed by using "Documents per year by source". The default shows five journals with the highest amount of results. Up to ten journals can be selected from the list on the left and be compared to each other.



Documents by author

Screenshot Scopus Documents by author


The option "Documents by author" shows which authors are the most active in a specific subject area. More persons can be selected to graphically represent their publication output.


Documents by affiliation

Screenshot Scopus Documents by Affiliation


Another field of analysis concerns the documents by affiliation.


Documents by country or territory

Screenshot Scopus Documents by country or territory


Countries or territories are analyzed here.


Documents by type

Screenshot Scopus Documents by type


In this example, the option "Documents by type" shows mainly articles and reviews.


Documents by subject area

Screenshot Scopus Documents by subject area


The illustration of the "Documents by subject area" points out the wide range of disciplines that the listed documents belong to. Clicking one of the subject areas in the pie chart, for example "Engineering", shows the particular hits of this discipline. Therefor, a new window will open.



  Screenshot Scopus Documents by subject area search Engineering
  Screenshot Scopus Search Results Documents by subject area Engineering

Documents by funding sponsor

Screenshot Scopus Documents by funding sponsor


Furthermore, an analysis focused on research funders is possible.



Screenshot Export Scopus


To download diagrams for further usage, the option „Export“ on the top right needs to be selected. You can generate a CSV file or via „Export the chart to a zip file“ and „Export“ a zip file. This zip file contains a jpg-, pdf-, png- and svg-version of the diagram.