Search for fellow researchers in a subject area starting with a group of already known authors


Contents of the brief description

The following brief description explains how to search for other reseachers based on known authorsfrom a specific "field of interest".


Search entry via researchers or groups of researchers

Search entry via researchers or groups of researchers

The icon "Researcher and Groups" within the "Overview" module allows you to save authors that you think are important for a specific subject area.


Adding more interesting people

Adding more interesting people

Via the button "Add new", you can add more interesting people to your individual list.

After adding a researcher, a "Summary" is displayed automatically in the middle. You can find there, for instance, information about the scientific output of the author, the h-index and the topics labeled to the publications.


Further research on "Topics"

  Click on the topics

You can choose interesting Topics and use "Create Research Area".


Create your own "Research Area"

A seperate window opens containing a list of the already available „Research Areas“ and with personal suggestions.

The following three steps explain how to create your own "Research Area":

Schritt 1. Create definition:
Choose interesting research areas and go to the second step via "Next step".

  Schritt 2 Refine definition

Schritt 2. Refine definition:
A limitation or expansion to different topics can be done via "Limit to" or "Exclude".


Schritt 3. Save definition:
In the third step you can save the generated "Research Area" by using "Save and finish" and a distinct naming.


Calling up the personal "Research Area

In the area "Others" you can find the new created "Research Area". By clicking on it, you can see a summary in the middle of the display.


List of authors

List of authors

By using the subtype "Authors" you can see a list of all authors that published in the specific research area.