Presentation of author collaborations with world map


Contents of the brief description

The following brief description explains how to search for authors and their collaborations, which can be displayed as world map inside the "Trends"-module.


Search entry via the name search in Scopus

Screenshot Scopus Search entry search author suedhof


You can start the search within Scopus by using the authors name.
For this, you need to click the button "Authors" and type in the last name and the initial of the authors first name.

  Screenshot Scopus List of results author search


A window containing the author records opens, where you should only select the correct ones.


Export to SciVal

Screenshot Scopus export to SciVal


The list of results can be exported to SciVal by using the button "Export to SciVal".

  Screenshot SciVal Publication Set Suedhof


The publication set of the noble price winner Thomas Christian Süfhof can now be found and selected within the "Overview"-module.


The time slots are limited in SciVal and can be selected starting from 2011, from 2016 and from 2018.


Trends Module

Screenshot SciVal Trends Module Suedhof


Now, the "Trends"-module needs to be selected.

In "Countries & Regions" you can find a table that shows the countries of collaboration and, among other things, the number of the scientific output.


Visualization with World map

Screenshot SciVal Visualization with world map trends module


The button "Visualization" enables you to display the collaboration with a world map.   


  Screenshot SciVal Visualization with world map trends module


To show the information permanently in "Scholarly Output" or "Views Count", you can easily use the pin symbol.