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The following brief description explains how to find authors out of a research area. You can also search for more authors that are active in this specific research area.


Search entry with research-specific keywords

Screenshot SciVal Research Areas


The purpose of this search is to create your own “Research area” by adding research-specific keywords to it, which results in SciVal generating an authors list.


1. Clicking the entity "Research Areas":

    This can be done in the modules "Overview", "Benchmarking" and "Trends".

  Screenshot SciVal Define a new Research Area



2. Select "Define a new Research Area"

  Screenshot SciVal Define a new research area


3. Type in the research-specific keywords, which should be connected with Boolean operators.

  Screenshot SciVal Refine Definition


4. Via "Refine definition" it is possible to refine the search.


With every limitation you may exclude relevant publications.

  Screenshot SciVal My Research Area


5. Name the publication set clearly and save it with "Save and finish".


If the amount of publications within the created publication set exceeds 5000, the system of SciVal takes a 24 hours waiting time. A notification about the completion will be received via e-mail.


Search for authors within this subject area

Screenshot SciVal My Research Area Search for authors


Within the publication set you can limit the search to specific authors with the option "Authors", where the top 500 regarding the scholarly output are shown.

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