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The brief description shows how to do an author search in Dimensions and which information is included in an author profile by using the example of the noble prize winner Thomas Christian Südhof.


Search for the name



The easiest way to search for an author in dimensions is to use the "Researchers"-filter on the left side. The arrow opens a list and the author can be selected. If not found in the list, the option "More" opens a search slot, where the name can be used to search for the required person. The author needs to be selected and all results are shown after using the option "limit to". It is possible to search not only for the whole name but also for a part of the name, because suggestions are generated automatically by typing letters into the search slot.



In this case, the affiliation with the Stanford University shows that the first suggestion is the right Thomas Südhof. To eliminate uncertainties it is also possible to open up the publication list of an author to verify the result. In addition, researchers can be found by typing the ORCID in quotation marks into the search slot. Here it is important to search with the "Full data"-option. Mr. Südhof, for example, can be found by searching for the ORCID 0000-0003-3361-9275:

  publications list


After starting the search with "Enter", a publication list of the person linked to the ORCID will be opened:


Detailed display of the author profile

Detailed display of the author profile


By clicking the Name "Thomas Christian Südhof", a publication list, a summary of the co-authorships, citations, fields of research as well as more options on the left side, for instance a list of the journals the author published in, is opened:


View Profile

View Profile


The option "View Profile" opens the author profile:

  Publications and citations of the author


The profile shows basic data of the author on the top, like the name or the affiliation. Below that, detailed information about publications and citations of the author can be found. More documents like datasets, grants, patents and clinical trials are counted and represented visually. Further below, details on fields of research, relevant keywords, co-authorships as well as research funding bodies can be found. A list of publications follows afterwards.



Move the cursor over the information in the publication list to open up a summary of the metrics belonging to the publications.