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Electronic Journals and Databases at RWTH Aachen University

Most licensed electronic journals from various publishers or providers are accessible within the RWTH network. They can be used from all networked PC workstations within the university as well as from the PC workstation at home via VPN.

The following general terms of use apply to all licensed journals:

  • Access to the full texts is only permitted to members of RWTH Aachen University.
  • The full texts of the articles may only be printed or saved for personal use and research purposes.
  • Systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially by robots, is prohibited.
  • Articles may not be passed on to third parties either electronically or in printed form.

Please note the terms of use of the individual providers!

For the use of some journals and databases the dial-in by password is necessary, these titles and corresponding instructions for dial-in can be found here:

Passwords and usage instructions for individual titles
(This page can only be displayed in the university network of RWTH Aachen).