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The University Library has PCs with different features available that are exclusively for academic research (RWTH Network Code of Conduct).

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RWTH Network

The University Library provides its electronic media via the RWTH Aachen IT Center infrastructure. This consists of 3 class c networks that have IP numbers beginning with 134.130., 137.226., or 134.61..

The IPs of the Fraunhofer Institutes and EDUROAM-extern are however excluded.

Normally your RWTH computer should have an IP number from this area.

If your computer has a RWTH IP address, it is automatically recognized as belonging to RWTH and you can use licensed media immediately. In these cases you will see a welcome text or RWTH logo on the providers' websites.

If you are not in the RWTH network, you can use either the VPN access provided by the IT Center or DFN-AAI.

Please use a VPN configuration without split tunneling to access electronic media over a VPN connection. With split tunneling enabled, your computer will not be recognized as belonging to RWTH, when accessing electronic media from outside the RWTH network.

The use of electronic media is based on a RWTH license, of which adherence is monitored. Particularly extensive or non-systematic downloads are not allowed. Forwarding content to non-University members is also not permitted.