Lost or Damaged Items


According to §4 of the Fees and Fines Policy for the University Library of the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen, dated 10.10.2010 , users will be charged for the replacement of lost or damaged Library items. An additional administration fee of 25 EUR will also be charged.

What Should I Do If I Damage a Library Item?

You will need to purchase a replacement item of equal value within 14 days.

‘Of equal value’ means that your replacement item must be the same edition or a more recent edition of the original item. However, second hand items in very good (as-new) condition will also be accepted. 

After you have submitted the replacement item and paid the administration fee, the Library will process the replacement item, and you will receive the damaged item back from the Library. You will be notified by post when the item is ready for collection.

What Should I Do If I Am Unable to Provide a Replacement Item?

If the item you need to replace is out of print or out of stock, please submit written confirmation of this to the Library. The replacement cost for the item will then be determined by the Library, and we will contact you via post to inform you of the amount payable.