Registration Services for Guests



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To register for library services, you will need:

  • Students from other universities or universities of applied science and guests:
    Your personal identity card or passport. If you do not possess a German identity card, you will also need to present a certificate of registration.
  • Students under the age of 18:
    Your personal identity card, a consent form which has been signed by a parent or legal guardian and your parent’s or legal guardian’s personal identity card or passport. Consent Form for Students under the Age of 18 (German) : Please fill in the form in full and print it out. The form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and presented at the Library circulation desk along with the parent’s or guardian’s personal identity card or passport.

The library card can be collected within 24 hours of submitting your application. Please collect your card from the circulation desk during staffed service hours.

By registering for the University Library, users accept the Library policies and code of conduct, including the fees and fines policy.


Registration form for external people

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Postal Adress

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Once your library card has been issued, a password will be generated automatically. Please change this password via your account in the KatalogPlus.


Lost Library Cards

If you lose your library card, please inform the University Library as soon as possible. Your library card will then be automatically blocked to prevent misuse of Library services. A fee of 10 EUR will be charged to replace lost or damaged cards.