University Library Registration Services for RWTH Students



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The RWTH BlueCard as a library card

  • How to activate your library card
  1. The RWTH BlueCard also acts as a library card for the University Library. To use your BlueCard as a library card, you will need to activate it online in the Accounts section of the RWTH Aachen University Self-Service.
  2. Alternatively, the Library staff at the circulation desk can activate your library card for you.
  3. Students under the age of 18: In addition, you will need to present a signed consent form along with a parent’s or guardian’s personal identity card or passport.

Consent Form for Students under the Age of 18: Please complete the consent form in full and print it out. It must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before it is presented at the Library circulation desk along with the parent’s or guardian’s personal identity card or passport.

  • User Number and Password
  1. Your user number for the University Library is your BlueCard number or, alternatively, your TIM-ID (user ID).
  2. Once your BlueCard has been activated for use in the Library, a password will be generated automatically. Please change this password via your account in the KatalogPlus.
  • Validity of your Library Card
    Your BlueCard remains valid as a library card until the expiry date printed on the card. However, it may only be used for as long as you continue to hold the status shown on the card. If you would like to continue using the Library services after you have graduated, it is possible to apply for a non-student library membership card.
  • Lost BlueCard
    If you lose your RWTH BlueCard, it is your responsibility to have the card blocked as soon as possible via RWTHonline. Your BlueCard will then be automatically blocked from use in the Library. Please also use RWTHonline service to update your personal contact details.
  • By registering for the University Library, users accept the Library policies and code of conduct, including the fees and fines policy.