Open Access


Open Access means free and unrestricted access to scientific publications on the Internet. On the following pages you will find a lot of information about Open Access and Open Access at RWTH.

RWTH encourages its scientists to publish research results in the spirit of the Open Access movement. The RWTH University Library supports RWTH researchers in Open Access publishing. Open-Access-Policy der RWTH Aachen



Publications in Open Access can take place both in the case of a first publication (Golden Route of Open Access) and via the route of a so-called second publication in a professional or institutional non-commercial repository, such as RWTH Publications (Green Route of Open Access).


Circular letter of the rector on DEAL


Financing models

Publishing publications usually incur publication costs in the form of so-called APCs (Article Processing Charges). The document server RWTH Publications additionally or alternatively offers the possibility to publish articles free of charge in order to increase their visibility.


Open Content Licenses

In the form of standardized contracts, open content licenses permit an increased, and in some cases significantly more extensive, subsequent use of appropriately licensed works than is possible under copyright law. The degree of subsequent use varies depending on the license.


Advantages of Open Access

Scientific information resources in open access are available free of charge, independent of time and place, and can often be re-used in a variety of ways.



The Glossary contains explanations of key terms relating to OA.