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The University Library supports and assists you in protecting, archiving, sharing and reusing your research data. The term ‘research data’ includes all data generated, collected and analyzed during the research process. Research data represent a valuable knowledge resource which lays the foundations for scientific and academic hypotheses, laws and theories.


"[...] research data means any output from research projects that is not a publication." Rombouts, Princic, 2010


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We provide you with advice and support for handling research data in all disciplines.

Framework Conditions

"Data Policies" are guidelines for handling scientific data. Here you can find the guidelines from RWTH Aachen and selected publishers and promoters of science.

Data Searches

More research data is always being published. Use this data in your research project.

Data Publication

Publishing data means making it accessible and citable. You need an identifier (e.g. DOI) and a publication platform.

Data Management

What is data management for research data and why should I exercise data management as a researcher?
Life cycle Data management plan Domains Checklists, Guidelines Metadata Archiving