Guidelines for Authors



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Writing and Citing

What do I need to take into consideration when producing academic work? How do I reference my work and where can I find guidance and support with referencing conventions?

Good Academic Practice Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism


Publishing your Work

Options for Scholarly Publishing RWTH Publications Grants and Assistance Towards Printing Costs Publication Platforms and Open Access Journals Open Access at RWTH Aachen University
A Guide to Peer Review Journals Conference Proceedings


Documenting and Managing your Publications

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important for authors to document their own publications. This is due to the growing importance of internationalization and the frequent application of performance-related resource allocation (LOM).

Creating your own Publication List Unique Author ID Resources


Predatory Publishing

Predatory journals, predatory publishers and pseudo-conferences - "Black sheep" in the scientific community

On 2nd October 2018, the Senate of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) issued a statement on Predatory Publishing.

Nine partners of the Alliance of Science Organisations also published their comments on the quality assurance of scientific publications.

Many tips to help scientists identify trustworthy journals for their publications or to judge the legitimacy and academic credentials of conferences are available on the websites of the international initiatives "Think. Check. Submit" or "Think. Check. Attend"