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Open Access is open access to scholarly literature online. The concept originals from academics' initiative, who aimed at improving academic communication. RWTH Aachen University Library supports you with the Open Access publication of your work.

1. Self Archiving

RWTH Aachen Publication Server

The publication server offers you the possibility to published previously published works again to increase their visibility.

Publication is free of charge to you. Your work is professionally published online, where it will find a large audience. It is assigned an address making it reliably citable.

2. The Best Way

The best way is to directly publish your work as open access. This option is open to journal articles as well as the initial publication of reports, conference proceedings, and more.

Open access journals often charge a fee (Article Processing Charge / APC / Author Fee / Publikationsgebühr) just like traditional journals. These costs can often be covered by the faculty or project funding. Please review your options in advance.

Alternatively, the University Library pays the author fee for journals from a few publishers, if you are named as the corresponding/submitting author and RWTH is listed as your affiliation. You may be able to get a discount on the publication fees through the Library's institutional memberships.


Der Urheber eines wissenschaftlichen Beitrags, der im Rahmen einer mindestens zur Hälfte mit öffentlichen Mitteln geförderten Forschungstätigkeit entstanden und in einer periodisch mindestens zweimal jährlich erscheinenden Sammlung erschienen ist, hat auch dann, wenn er dem Verleger oder Herausgeber ein ausschließliches Nutzungsrecht eingeräumt hat, das Recht, den Beitrag nach Ablauf von zwölf Monaten seit der Erstveröffentlichung in der akzeptierten Manuskriptversion öffentlich zugänglich zu machen, soweit dies keinem gewerblichen Zweck dient. Die Quelle der Erstveröffentlichung ist anzugeben. Eine zum Nachteil des Urhebers abweichende Vereinbarung ist unwirksam. (§ 38, 4 UrhG).


Circular letter of the rector on DEAL


Did you already know?

Studies confirm that Open Access publications are more commonly read and can thus be cited more often.


Newsletter Open Access


RWTH Aachen Document Server

Our document server RWTH Publications offers you the possibility to published previously published work again, in order to increase visibility. The publication is free of charge. Your work will be professionally published online and gain greater circulation. It is assigned a stable address, thus making it reliably citable.

Do you want to publish your article for a second time with us?

There are two options:
1. Your article has already been entered into RWTH Publications: Send us the pdf of your article via email to with the comment that you would like to publish the piece a second time.
2. Your article is not yet in RWTH Publications: Enter your publication or import the bibliographic information via DOI important and add the pdf of your published work. Let us know that you are interested in secondary publication in the field "Internal note to library staff" at the end of the form.

2. The Golden Way

With the Golden Way you publish your work directly as open access. This option lends itself to journal pieces, the first publications of reports, conference proceedings, and more.

Open Access journals often charge author fees (Article Processing Charge / APC / Author Fee / Publikationsgebühr) just like classical journals . These costs are often carried by the faculty or project funding. Please check this option in advance.

You can profit from a discount on the publication fees of some publishing companies through the Library's institutional memberships.


The Best Way at RWTH Aachen

RWTH Publications - the institutional repository of RWTH Aachen University

On the document server RWTH Publications you can publish online free of charge and professionally in the sense of Open Access. Your contribution receives stable addressing, is visible worldwide and can be reliably cited.

The document server is ideal for the initial publication of reports, conference proceedings and qualification publications such as your dissertation and much more.

Copernicus Publications

The University Library (UB) has joined the national consortium. The publisher invoices all contributions centrally with the UB from 1.1.2020. Authors must declare their affiliation. Submissions are done via . The publisher accepts submissions in LateX and MS-WORD. LateX is significantly less expensive in some cases. More info at

SCOAP3 - Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

In collaboration with the RWTH Aachen Department of Physics, the University Library is involved in SCOAP³-HD - the Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics, German Universities.

The worldwide Open Access initiative aims at making scholarly publications in high-energy physics accessible to all. At the beginning of 2014, numerous core journals were systematically transferred to Open Access. Articles are now published under the Creative Commons license "Attribution" (CC BY). The consortium assumes the publication fees.

Wiley as part of DEAL-Project

RWTH Aachen University has joined the Wiley agreement of the DEAL initiative. Starting in 2019, the so-called transition phase will run.

During the transition phase, the costs will be financed from the reserves for the former subscriptions. A publication fund is to be established to ensure permanent financing.

In addition to read-only access to all Wiley journals, the agreement also includes central billing of authors' publication costs starting July 1, 2019.

Full details on publishing are explained on the Wiley information page and in this PowerPoint presentation. There are two workflows; one for pure OpenAccess journals, one for hybrid journals (OnlineOpen).

Open Access is the stated goal of the DEAL initiative. Nevertheless, in the so-called hybrid journals (OnlineOpen), authors still have a choice whether to publish OpenAccess or not. In pure OA journals, of course, this option does not exist.

Both workflows are billed centrally. 

A complete list of journals is available here (Excel file), a compilation of important questions and answers (FAQ) about the contract here.

MDPI - Open Access Publishing

The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) publishes more than 110 Open Access journals. You receive a 10% discount off of publication fees through the Library's institutional membership.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The American Chemical Society (ACS) publishes numerous journals in the field of chemistry and neighboring disciplines. It offers scientific authors at RWTH Aahcen a discount on publication fees through the University Library's subscription status.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The Royal Society of Chemistry publishes more than 40 peer-reviewed journals in the field od chemistry and neighboring disciplines. In 2018 it offers scientific authors at RWTH Aachen a discount of 15% on publication fees for its subscription bound journals through the University Library's subscription status.



American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

The  American Association for the Advancement of Science publishes 6 peer-reviewed journals. For the journal Science Advances authors receive a 15% discount off of publication fees (APC) from 15.05.2018 until 2019 through the Library's institutional membership. AAAS-Members receive a further reduction of 4%.


ECS Plus

Since 2019, RWTH has been subscribing to the ECS Plus database. It contains the electronic media of the Electrochemical Society and the possibility for RWTH authors to publish in these media free of charge in open access.For more information, see ECS website 

ECS (The Electrochemical Society) is a non-for-profit company located in the USA who publishes in the area of electrical chemistry and solid state research.

The publications in the ECS-journals are indexed in Google/Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, Chemical Abstracts (CAS), Engineering Index, ChemPort, INSPEC, ProQuest etc.

Authors of participating institutions are entitled to publish their articles on ECS as open access publications, free of charge and with no limit on the number of articles. Articles that have not been published as Open Access articles in the license year can be later released to open access.