RWTH Publications is more than just an instrument for publishing and documenting. Individual document management and the possibility to interact with other university affiliates support you with your daily work and research projects.


Content Management and Personalization

Your Account / Mein Konto

Under "Your Account / Mein Konto“ and then "Personalisieren" you can determine the standard language for the user interface or define the number of results to be shown for each search.

Your Alerts / Meine Benachrichtigungen

The function "Your Alerts / Meine Benachrichtigungen“ lists messages you receive from the system.

Your Baskets / Meine Körbe

The function "Your Baskets / Meine Körbe“ is intended for individual reference management. You can manually collect selected datasets in the baskets.

Your Groups / Meine Gruppen

The function "Your Groups / Meine Gruppen“ enables you to manage your membership in different user groups, create groups yourself, and invite other users to your groups. This allows you to network and share with other scientists.

Your Messages / Meine Nachrichten

In "Your Messages / Meine Nachrichten“ you can manage the messages you have received or that you send to other users.

Your Searches / Meine Suchanfragen

The function "Your Searches / Meine Suchanfragen“ saves all of the searches conducted with your login from the past 30 days. Using this list you can re-start a search or create new searches. If this new search request finds new entries, you will be informed via email.

Department/Institute Collections

Department/institute collections enable you to create individual and protected work areas. They are automatically created when you enter the institute ID number in the corresponding dataset. This includes entries marked "Relevant for VDB = yes." In the institute collection you can gather and edit international and external research literature for your project and make it accessible to all participants from the institute. The documents belong to or rather can be used by all individuals with a TIM ID, who belong to the respective institute ID.




Every entry can be rated using a 5-point system. Pull up the detailed view of the desired publication and click on "Rate this document / Dieses Dokument bewerten".

Commenting and Discussing

Every dataset can be given comments or reviews for the article in question. Additionally, you can be informed of new comments via email.
Pull up the desired publication and click on "Discussion / Diskussion." If you click on the link "Subscribe / Eintragen," you can register for the discussion of the article in the comment form.


If you want to network with certain people from RWTH, you can use the functions Group and Collections. By clicking on the option "invite," you can select the participants you wish to invite or grant access.



Exporting Search Results, Creating Publication Lists

Search results can be exported in various formats and integrated into your homepage. Detailed instruction on how to create a publication list can be found in our Handbook for Working with RWTH Publications.

Analyses (Bibliometrics)

RWTH Publications centrally documents the publication performance of university affiliates. The datasets from the University Library, which are edited according to international standards, can be used for statistics, evaluations, bibliometric analyses, and proof of performance.