Advantages of Open Access


Rapid dissemination of scientific information

Shortened yet quality-assured professional publication processes ensure rapid worldwide dissemination and reception of scientific findings. Research processes can thus be accelerated and research cycles shortened. The publication model supports interdisciplinarity and international cooperation.


Global visibility and accessibility

Open access publications can be found not only via subject databases, but also mostly via common Internet search engines, thus enabling better, worldwide free visibility and accessibility.


Availability and permanent archiving

Storage on the document server RWTH Publications ensures long-term availability of open access publications. In addition, certain document types, such as books, journal articles, and university publications, are reported to the German National Library for long-term archiving.


Reliable citability through persistent identifiers

Persistent identifiers are unique identifiers of digital objects on the Internet and ensure permanently stable addressing and thus reliable citability of these objects. One type widely used in the scientific context is the DOI (Digital Object Identifier).