Data Management


What is data management?

Active management of research data in scientific projects is necessary in order to

  • effectively work
  • meet the demands of good scientific practice (RWTH, PDF)
  • ensure the replicabiity of research results

In research data management you consciously assume responsibility for your own data with the aim of replicability and long-term availability.

Why should I practice data management?

  • Fulfill the demands of large research funders
  • Improved efficiency in your project
  • Reduction of time and resources over the long term
  • Guarantee of integrity and replication of your research
  • Guarantee of the correctness, completeness, and reliability of your data
  • Improvement in data security and minimization of the risk of losing data
  • Avoidance of double work through the re-use of research data
  • Fulfillment of industrial partners' requirements
  • Enablement of transdisciplinary re-use of your data
  • Easier implementation of data-related requirements from professional journals