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  • The search for information and supplying researchers with scientific content are core skills of the University Library. We offer trainings focused on handling research data, in which we provide information about subject-specific possibilities for searching for information.
  • We are happy to advise you in a private conversation about possible ways to access datasets (portals, data catalogs), searching for research data (metadata), and re-using published datasets (terms of use).

When beginning a research project, information is sought about the current state of research, published results, and comparable research projects. In later project phases it is necessary to reference one's own results with others. This increases the value of your research by networking and linking it with other datasets.

Research data centers and repositories exist for individual subject disciplines. The project Re3Data (Registry of Research Data Repositories), funded by the DFG, deals with the quality requirements for research data repositories in various scientific disciplines and provides a central, web-based search and documentation system.

Important interdisciplinary research data repositories are:



Examples of subject-specific data archives include:

Dryad for the biosciences and medicine

Pangaea for the geosciences

GESIS for the social sciences

Administrative data from the federal, state, and municipal governments may also be interesting sources for your research. These are increasingly made accessible in the GOVDATA Portal.