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We advise and assist you with different domains, planning domain transitions, and publication.


What domains are there in a project?

There are four domains within a project:

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Graphic: Das Curation Continuum in Anlehnung an Treloar and Harboe-Ree [2008] und Arbeiten des DFG-Projekts Radieschen (Source: WissGrid)

  • Private Domains
    Private working environment for each researcher
  • Group Domains
    Joint working environment for the entire research team
  • Permanent Domains
    Working environment for permanent archival
  • Access and Re-Use
    Project and interdisciplinary working environment for all researchers (worldwide)

Each research project touches on on at least the first three domains over its course.

Transition Between the Domains

The transition between the domains is a critical point from the perspective of data management. A smooth transition requires compehrensive planning. A data management plan helps achieve this.

  • In the private domain for researchers it is important to set the foundation for later transitions into other domains through an overall plan.
  • Fundamental decisions about joint use and the creation of research data are required to transition into the group domain.
  • If permanent storage is required and publication is planned, information must be supplemented for interdisciplinary understanding and re-use.