Print Publication


The advantages of print publication are:

  • Use in book form is not subject to any technical dependency.
  • The publication is published as a physical medium, thus has all the haptic advantages.
  • In order to distribute the copies of your dissertation in the most use-oriented way possible, the University Library participates in the national and international exchange of publications. The printed copies are distributed to selected libraries according to subject. Other interested institutions can order the publication directly from the University Library via the "Elektronische Tauschbörse für Bibliotheken" (ELTAB).
  • According to the distribution, the dissertation will be referenced in the library catalogs and union systems of the exchange partners.

Forms of publication:

  • Classic bound hard copy:
    Please submit the following number of copies depending on the faculty:
    o Faculties 1 and 2: 39 deposit copies
    o Faculties 3, 5, 7 and 8: 49 deposit copies
    o Faculty 6: 30 deposit copies
    o Faculty 10: 19 deposit copies
  • Printed Publisher Dissertation:

You are publishing your dissertation through a publisher.
Please submit 14 deposit copies to the University Library regardless of faculty.

  • Pre-publication:

The content or parts of the content of the dissertation have been published previously, e.g. as journal articles.
Please submit 14 deposit copies to the University Library regardless of faculty.

For the last two forms mentioned, please note the following:

  • Clarify legal issues with the publisher early on.
  • In the publisher's imprint, in addition to the publisher, the copyright notice, and the year of publication, the following note must be listed: "D 82 (Diss. RWTH Aachen University, [naming the year of the oral examination])".
  • In the case of pre-publications, bibliographic details of the articles included are listed on the back of the dissertation title page. This may include the DOI, journal title, publisher, and place of publication. In addition, the note "D 82 (Diss. RWTH Aachen University, [naming the year of the oral examination])" must be listed.
  • The dissertation title page must precede the publisher title page, the imprint, or the bibliographic information of the included articles.

Use the checklist: Check List Print Publications and the Online Tutorial to assist with the publication process.



1. Fill in the Online Form.

2. If you want to publish an abstract, we need an Author's Agreement. This will be displayed at the end of the form. Please print it out and sign it.

3. Please use the Appointment Tool.

4. Please take hardcopies and, if required, the Author's Agreement with you at your appointment

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It is also possible to submit the documents via mail.