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System changeover ALMA

From 22.6.2022 to 31.7.2022, no media can be entered or changed in the system due to the changeover to the new library system ALMA. Dissertations are also affected by this deadline for media processing. Of course, items can still be handed in personally or by post, and receipts will be issued in the normal way.


Publishing via institutional repository of RWTH Aachen University

If you select this option, the University Library will publish your dissertation on the RWTH Publications server for you.

  • Your work has enhanced visibility worldwide and is more easily accessible and searchable.
  • Your work contains a permanent, stable URL, which means that it can be cited reliably.
  • You only need to grant the University Library non-exclusive rights of use to your work. You are then free to republish your work at any time.

Ways of publication:

  • “First publication” on the publication server of the University Library.
  • Publishing house publication parallel to publication on the RWTH publication server.
  • Pre-publication: The content or parts of the content of the dissertation have already been published previously, e.g. as journal articles.

For the latter two ways, please note the following:

  • Clarify legal issues with the publishing house at an early stage.
  • Make sure that you only transfer the simple and not the exclusive right of use to the publishing house.
  • In the publisher's imprint, in addition to the publisher, the copyright notice and the year of publication, the following note must be included: "D 82 (Diss. RWTH Aachen University, [naming the year of the oral examination])".
  • In the case of pre-publications, bibliographic details of the included articles are mentioned on the back of the dissertation title page. This can be the DOI, journal title, publisher and place of publication. In addition, the note "D 82 (Diss. RWTH Aachen University, [naming the year of the oral examination])" must be listed.
  • The dissertation title page must be placed before the publisher's title page, the imprint or the bibliographical details of the articles included.

Use the checklist: Online-Publishing Checklist and the Online Tutorial to guide you through the publication process.

Appointment Tool  


  1. Fill in the Online Form.
  2. Upload your publication (PDF and original format e.g. Word or LaTeX).
  3. The PDF file will be made available and accessible online after official approval and authorization by the faculty in question.
  4. The author agreement will be displayed at the end of the online form. Please print out the form and sign it.
  5. By signing the author agreement, you agree to grant RWTH Aachen University Library the right to disseminate your work online.
  6. Book a submission date in our appointment tool.
  7. Please take a hardcopy and the author's agreement with you on your booked date :

    University Library
    Templergraben 61
    52062 Aachen

    E-gallery, room EE 016

    It is also possible to submit the documents via mail.