Departmental ID

  • Departmental IDs are transferable. They can be issued to RWTH teachers and employees.
  • Departmental accounts and private accounts do not differ for members of the university with regards to lending periods and late fees.
  • The executive director or authorizing officer of the department is responsible for media borrowed with the departmental ID. In the event of overdue materials, he or she is required to settle the late fees and to pay for a replacement in the event of damaged or lost materials.
  • You must fill out an application form in order to be issued an ID.
  • You must present your departmental ID to borrow books.
  • The University Library lends media to anyone with an ID, without any other type of identity check. The person responsible is in charge of making sure only authorized individuals use the ID.
  • In the event that the ID is lost, please contact the University Library immediately, so that the account can be frozen and misuse can be avoided.
  • The University Library sends all notifications via email. Please make sure that you have always entered the correct email address.