WIPANO - Knowledge and technology transfer through patents and standards

an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)

The PNZ supports and advises small and medium-sized enterprises on the way to a patent within the framework of the "Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards" (WIPANO) funding programme, provided that they meet the necessary requirements. The support programme has been the successor to SIGNO since 01.01.2016 (protection of ideas for commercial use).

The program for companies

The programme supports SMEs in protecting their research and development results for the first time with patents and utility models, thereby facilitating their access to the topic of "intellectual property rights".

The funding covers the entire process of applying for intellectual property rights, from the examination of the idea to its exploitation. Industrial property rights within the meaning of this directive are patents and utility models. The funding is divided into six service packages (LP), each of which is funded with a fixed amount and which, except for LP4, must be provided by qualified external service providers.

As a recognised and qualified cooperation partner of the DPMA, the PNZ offers service for the first step (LP 1) and refers applicants to proven and reliable partners for further steps.

Benefits package Method of examination Supplier
LP 1 Consultation and detailed examination regarding novelty (up to 800 €)

– Advising scientists in public research and inventors in SMEs and the liberal professions

– Detailed examination of the invention against the prior art


State of the art search / novelty search for the comprehensive overview in LP1

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