SME Fund 2023 – Protect your intellectual property!


The "Ideas Powered for business SME Fund" is a financial assistance programme that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU to protect their intellectual property rights.

The SME fund can cover many different assets, including trademarks, designs, patents and plant varieties. This is a refund scheme that issues vouchers that can partially cover the fees for the selected activities.

The SME Fund runs from 23 January to 8 December 2023. Please note: The funds are limited and will be allocated in the order in which applications are received!

Depending on the activity, two types of vouchers are available:

Voucher 1: IP Scan 90% refund of the cost of an IP pre-diagnosis consultation.
The coverage goes up to 1350 € (the value varies in the individual countries).

Voucher 2: Registration activities brands and design.
Here, up to 1000 € can be applied for use for eligible trademark and design fees.

More information about the SME fund can be found here

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