ProjektRepository - a DFG Project

A repository of research projects spanning across different disciplines. Specifically designed to facilitate scholarly communication and cooperation using a web-based infrastructure.

ProjektRepository is part of the DFG-funded program ‘Themenorientierte Informationsnetze’.

Call for proposals: ‘Virtuelle Forschungsumgebungen. Infrastruktur und Demonstrationsprojekte‘.

Project Description (Abstract)

German universities compete on a national and international level. As scholarly research is increasingly taking place in interconnected structures and settings, researchers at RWTH Aachen need a reliable digital research infrastructure to ensure their competitiveness on a national and international scale.

It is therefore particularly important that web-based technologies are exploited to foster and develop networking within academic communication. Furthermore, the information infrastructure and services based on web-based technologies should be quick and simple to implement for the purposes of teaching and research, regardless of time or location.

Through the DFG-funded RWTH research project ‘ProjektRepository’, an easily accessible virtual platform based on Microsoft SharePoint is being developed for RWTH researchers to collaborate with other members of the research community.

This platform is built into the University network and enables all disciplines to make research data accessible and networkable for internal RWTH projects and beyond. The University Library is currently supporting pilot users from the fields of medicine, urban planning history and engineering with the professional indexing of their research data. By doing this, the Library strives to improve the searchability of these data resources as well as (potentially) embedding them in external repositories, search engines or catalogs on a national and international level.

Through ProjektRepository, the University Library is able to make a valuable contribution to the enhancement and enrichment of cross-disciplinary platforms with the help of subject-specific metadata schema and thesauri. Thus, the Library also contributes to the optimization and subject-specific documentation of research data as well as to local and specialist scholarly communication.


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Contribution to WissKom 2012, Jülich:
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