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Please note that we do not have access to all the eBooks by the publishers listed above.

If you are unable to gain access to items despite successful verification in the KatalogPlus, please submit a complaint (including the book title) to (the Processing Department at the Medical Library).


Medical Library Textbook Collection

The Medical Library possesses its own textbook collection.

Pre-clinical subjects are classified under shelfmark Q, while W is the shelf mark for clinical subjects.

Some textbooks are available in the Textbook Collection at the Main Library (Wüllnerstraße 3) as well as in the Textbook Collection at the Medical Library. Sometimes, items placed on hold are returned to Wüllnerstrasse 3, and you may need to collect the item from there instead. You will receive an email informing you of the Library branch your item is located at prior to collection.

We keep between one and three copies of each textbook in the Medical Library, and these items are available for use in the Library only. You can access these items upon request by stating the shelf mark to the Library staff at the circulation desk.


Medical Dissertations

Printed dissertations are located in the open stacks in the entrance area, and you can also search for dissertations in the KatalogPlus.

The loan period for dissertations consists of four weeks, and items can be renewed up to three times.

Electronic dissertations can be found on the RWTH Publications server, which is maintained by the University Library.


Medical Library Reference Holdings

One copy of each textbook owned by the Medical Library is reserved for use within the Library only. This means that the item can be accessed and read on the Medical Library premises but it cannot be borrowed.  You can access reference only items upon request by stating the shelf mark to the Library staff at the circulation desk.

In addition, two to three copies of selected textbooks can be found in our reference only bookshelves, which are located to the right of the entrance (next to the photocopy stations). These textbooks can also only be used in the Medical Library and cannot be borrowed.  Reference holdings on the shelf can be easily identified by the reference only label on the spine of the book.