Freigeschaltete Verlagsangebote

CoVid-19 © Copyright: Gerd Altmann I Pixabay

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation stehen zurzeit zahlreiche Verlagsangebote vorübergehend zusätzlich zur Verfügung.

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Catalogue © Copyright: BERND STUHLMANN

The starting point for searching literature available through the University Library

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eBook Platforms

Borrow ebooks from all specialist fields

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Media in Departmental Libraries

Where do I find Media of the Departmental Libraries?

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Journals © Copyright: BERND STUHLMANN

Print and online journals

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Access to specialist databases

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Patents, Trademarks, Design

Patents © Copyright: BERND STUHLMANN

What do I do with my idea? How do I conduct research? Who can provide me with advice?

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What standards are there? What is standardized? How do I access standards?

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Library Sites and Collection Locations

Where are the collections located? What collections are available at RWTH libraries?

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Purchase Requests

What if the University Libraries do not own an item? What if an item is always out on loan or on hold? Place a purchase request for books and other library items or submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.

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Guide to scientific literature research

Guide to scientific literature research © Copyright: Bernd Stuhlmann

Guide to scientific literature research for students.

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For School Pupils

Research assistance for writing assignments

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