Am I required to register my publications?

The circular from the Rector's Office on October 26, 2016,  Publikationsaktivitäten RWTH Aachen University (A 2016-36) states under Point 3: "It is mandatory to register all publications with the institutional repository RWTH Publications at the time of publication, so that it can be assigned to the RWTH."

What does "publication" mean for the purpose of RWTH Publications?

For the purpose of RWTH Publications a publication is a scientific work in word and image, which can be attained either for a fee or free of charge in print, as a data medium, or online for anyone in a bookstore or institution (university, other institution).

What are "RWTH affiliates" for the purpose of RWTH Publications?

RWTH affiliates are individuals employed at one or more RWTH institutions. The RWTH Constituion (§ 3) contains the defining determinations.

Can I also register scientific publications from previous activities?

Yes, you can. Select the status "Relevant for VDB = no“. In the field "Special Collection(s)" choose "Publication List/Vita".

What am I allowed to enter and not to enter?

Basically you decide what you want to enter. When submitting, select between "Relevant for VDB: yes/no“. Only the articles marked as relevant by you are made visible to us, edited, and activated.

Please note, the following will not be activated:

  • Articles without any scientific content
  • Unpublished pieces
  • Internal documents
  • Discussions
  • Interviews, in which you are the interviewer, unless the interviewee is a RWTH affiliate

How can I check what has already been entered?

A so-called duplicate check saves you and us unnecessary work. Before submitting, please check which articles have already been registered. If your submission contains an identifier, this review takes places directly and automatically during data entry.

The duplicate check is easiest when conducted with the institute number or IKZ. Please note that articles written by multiple institutions may have already been registered. All of the involved institute numbers are not always provided. If in doubt, check by using your name.

Does the editorial office assume responsibility for new submissions?

RWTH Publications is a cooperative database. The University Library prepares and maintains the database on behalf of the Rector's Office. Submissions are made by authors or on their behalf. Our responsibility is to proofread, prepare, and enter the data. Furthermore, the editorial team imports publication data from RWTH scientists from the Web of Science, the medical information system "Evaluna Biblio Aachen," and from the publication database of the School of Business and Economics.

Are my submissions directly visible to the public?

If you marked a submission as "Relevant for VDB = yes," then your data entry is initially blocked. The editorial team activates your submission. Read more under "I made a submission that is no longer visible. What happened?"

Does the editorial team set deadlines or is there an annual deadline for submissions?

No, the University Library does not set any deadlines.



How can I log in?

You need your TIM ID and password to use all of the functions in RWTH Publications. The ID is made up of your initials and six numbers. If you have forgotten your ID or password, please contact the IT Service Desk. The staff there is responsible for all matters regarding logging in.

Can I make submissions outside of the campus?

Yes, your TIM ID allows you access to our database even from external locations.

I have problems logging in. Who can help me?

If you have forgotten your ID or password, please contact the IT Service Desk. The staff there are responsible for all matters regarding logging in.



What formats can I import my data from?

An import from foreign formats is currently only possible for BibTeX. Send us your BibTeX file via email. We will import it for you.



Is there a new handbook or is the current one still valid?

Are there help texts?

If you quickly need help for individual fields, click on the i-button next to the field name. You will receive corresponding information.

Why should I do a duplicate check?

It is very well possible that someone already entered the publication. Thus, it is important to check whether the publication has already been entered in the database before submitting.

Can I enter multiple institutions for a submission?

Yes, the number is not restricted. However, the selection process is different. If the desired institution does not appear in the field "Department," type the ID number, abbreviation, name, or words into the field. After a short waiting period you will be given a selection from which you can choose the correct institution. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary.

What information is necessary for a submission?

This depends on the type of document. In addition to the mandatory fields marked in red, we ask that you enter as much information as possible that is available for your publication. The more, the better.

I'm missing information. What do I do?

The mandatory fields must be filled in for the editorial team to review the submission. Please try to find out this information. If information is required that definitely doesn't exist or that you cannot find out, fill in the field with a hyphen or similar symbol. This allows the submission to be saved.

What does Mass Media mean?

Mass Media are the means of communications that serve to disseminate information to the public. This includes newspapers, newsletters, internet services, and more.

What does peer review mean?

Peer review is a process to review and evaluate scientific work. Independent experts (peers) evaluate, whether a manuscript or funding request for a research project meet the quality standards of the respective discipline, organization, or journal. Peer review is often used to evaluate individual scientists and institutions, which makes it important for your submissions. Please indicate if your publication has this feature. You can also fill in the field if the journal or volume was not peer reviewed but the individual publications you entered went through a peer review process. If you do not have any reliable information, leave this field empty.

What language should I enter the free keywords in?

When entering keywords, you will be offered a field in which you can enter all keywords regardless of language.

Am I no longer able to enter the DDC notation, standardized keywords, subject classication, and subject group in the subject classification?

We are currently unable to offer this function. However, we are working to change this.

Does a USB stick count as publication?

Yes, a USB stick falls under the publication category "data medium."

Is it possible to add comments for the editorial team when making a submission?

Yes, please use the field "Internal notes to library staff."

Can I discontinue a submission I have started?

If you are making a submission and decide that it should not be finished, just go back to "Publishing and Entering."


Completed Submissions

I made a submission that is no longer visible. What happened?"

If you marked a submission as "Relevant for VDB = yes," then your data entry is initially blocked. The editorial team activates your submission. Generally this happens within a few days. If the submission is still not visible after a week, please check your inbox. For editorial reasons it is possible the submission was deleted (due to duplicates, for example) or is still blocked (missing information). In these cases we contact you. If in doubt, please call or email us.

Why was the information I entered changed?

The editorial team edits all submissions. All information is checked for accuracy and completeness, and in some cases supplemented or corrected. We work according to international standards. This can lead to changes to the information you provided or to the type of document you selected.

What do the ID numbers mean that are added by the editorial team?

These external identification numbers provide an overview, in which citation and professional databases your publication is recorded.

Can I make corrections or additions to my submission?

This is only possible via a correction request. Please see the next question.

How do I make a correction request?

Pull up the corresponding submission. Below on the right, you have the option "request correction." Click this, fill it out, and submit it. We take care of the rest.

Can I add or remove an institution to an existing entry?

No, this is only possible through a correction request, which our staff then takes care of.

Is it possible to see an overview of all of my entries?

This option is currently not available. Our tip: You receive a confirmation email after each new submission. Collect these messages in a separate email folder.



How can I create a search profile?

Instructions for creating a search profile are thoroughly explained in the Handbook for Working with RWTH Publications (de).

How can I create publication lists for my own homepage?

Instructions for creating a publication list are thoroughly explained in the Handbook for Working with RWTH Publications (de).

What is a basket?

A basket is a logical collection of entries from RWTH Publications. You can create baskets and fill them with datasets to your liking. If you delete a dataset from a basket, it will not be deleted from the database.

How can I create a basket?

If you haven't created a basket yet, you first have to conduct a search, highlight a few datasets, and click on "add to basket." Then click on "create a new one first" and create the first basket. Afterwards, you conduct a new search and put the corresponding entries in the newly created basket.