Research Service


Professional Property Right Searches

State of the Art

  • Wide spectrum of relevant publications
  • Individual significantly novelty-damaging publications

Patent Statistic Analysis

Analysis of patent documents with graphical / tabular evaluation

  • View market trends
  • Follow technology trends
  • Perform portfolio valuations

Trade Mark Research

Figurative Trade Mark Research

Design Research

  • Identify protection threats
  • Provide an overview of designs applied for

Monitoring - Conflicting documents


by IPC profile, company/name profile or number profile

  • Find out about your field of expertise at an early stage
  • Track activity of competitors
  • Determination of current process data

Trade Mark

according to company / name profile

  • Detect registrations from your market competition early on

Order your patent, trade mark or design search from us. We set up search profiles for you for continuous monitoring of all property rights and standards. We carry out your orders cost-effectively, reliably and confidentially.

We are committed to the SIGNO-PIZnet Inquiry Standard (de)!