Web of Science


The Database at a Glance

  • Comprehensive evaluation possibilities
  • Angloamerican focus
  • No sufficient coverage of most subjects
  • Problem: author identification

The Web of Science (formerly ISI) is a database that records scientific publications with their citations. It was created by Clarivate Analytics and offers comprehensive research and evaluation possibilities.

The database has a mutidisciplinary orientation. However, its focus is on the natural sciences. Originally, only journals were analyzed. In the meantime, books and conference proceedings (a limited number) have been added to the database. The database covers a total of about 10 percent of all scientific literature.

The database is unique in both its form and quality. However the clear identification of authors and their publications poses a problem.


The so called "citation report" is a bibliometric analysis possibility in the Web of Science, which can be automatically created more or less. It contains the following data:

  • Sum of all publications
  • Number of publications per year
  • Sum of all citations and sum of all citations without self-citations
  • Number of citations per year
  • Number of citations per publication
  • Average number of citations per year
  • Average number of citations per publication
  • Sum and list of all articles, where the respective author is cited
  • H-Index

Since the amount of data on the Web of Science is comprehensive and there is no standardized way to write peoples' names and institutions, the citation report's analysis does have a few pitfalls. We are happy to assist you with your search. Please contact us.